September 20, 2014

Why SourceWare is Different


Why we are different?

New Technology

Browser Based – LAMP Technology – Use Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Mobile Ready – works with any mobile device – use responsive design
Eliminate 3rd Party License Fees – LAMP Technology provided without traditional License fees. i.e. Microsoft, IBM, etc.
Linux Server – can be on premise or hosted – client owns and controls its’ data
Integrated Report Generator and Sales Analytics (Web Query) – No need for Mits, Phocas, etc.
All Code Developed and Written in America
30 Years of Distribution Experience – Replaced Infor/ Epicor, etc. * – e.g., ARRAY, Acclaim, Shims, DDI
Open Database – MySQL – Open vs. License Proprietary, i.e. IBM, Microsoft
Scales well – Clients from 5 Users with one location to to 120 User over 13 locations

Everything Under One Roof

Integrated Delivery / Signature Capture – No Third Part products are required.
Integrated CRM – Lead tracking and follow-up, internal Task management
Integrated Business Intelligence – No need for Mits, Phocas, etc.
Integrated e-Commerce – Fully integrated to ERP database using Word Press for Company Content
Integrated Document Handling – Integrated document email and fax processing included in base system

Additional Feature/Functionality

Cut Wire Control – Ability to stock and select wire lengths from reels for sales orders
Truck Routing – Truck Routing based on Ship via and zipcodes for routes
Live google Address Mapping – Address links allow on-line access to Google maps
Catalog and Flyer Builder – Builds multi- item pdf style catalogs and item flyers
Multi-layered Sales Commission – Included as part of base system
Integrated PCI Complaint CC System – Integration with Paytrace using the json model. Allows for storing credit cards
Integrated Service Module – Fully integrated Field Service module

Our Experience

30 years in Business
100’s of man- years of Distribution Experience




DTG will remain the most trusted solution for delivering “open” supply chain technology solutions to Distributors.  We believe that Technology is a tool that should leverage the power inherent in our client’s business – their people, processes and data. 

In order to do this, we use, understanding, simplicity and independence.  These values are woven into our business practices, software and application designs.

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